How To: Use yoga meditation against food and taste addiction

To work with out emotions in Rasa Sadhana, we must be aware of the relationship between our emotions and the food we eat. There is the direct effect of the taste, the second effect during digestion and the third after digestion. Taste addiction and food addiction can be solved through Rasa Sadhana, the Tantric practice of emotional fasting.

How To: Control anger through anger fasts in yoga meditation

Rasas Book Lecture Extract 7 of 22 : By fasting from anger for some time, we learn to control anger in our lives. It teaches us to better manage our expectations, because anger comes when our expectations are not fulfilled. Part of a Yoga class on Rasa Sadhana, the Tantric practice of emotional fasting. See also

How To: Do Dhyan and Pran yoga

Expert Prem Bhatia will show you in this video series how to combine yoga and dhyana meditation. You will learn traditions of yogic meditation from an authentic Indian teacher. These videos cover hand and foot movements, stretching, kriyas, yogic postures fit for meditative purposes, making warmth from friction, and more.

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